The Internet

July 15, 2019
The infinite utility that the internet provides is easily evidenced by asking yourself how often you have referred to go...     Read More


July 12, 2019
Exceedingly large families can have a huge impact on a household’s ability to survive in the world, as the addition of e...     Read More


July 7, 2019
Before the 20th century, infectious diseases killed an incredibly high number of people, resulting in extremely low life...     Read More

The Telephone

June 23, 2019
Before the creation of the telephone or the telegraph, information that needed to be sent from one end of a country to t...     Read More

The Printing Press

June 12, 2019
Picture a world where knowledge and information had to be transferred from person to person by word of mouth or through...     Read More

The Compass

June 9, 2019
The earliest explorers and men who sailed on the open sea were well versed in astrometry, as they primarily had to rely...     Read More

The Nail

June 6, 2019
Until the invention of the nail, the procedure of constructing wood structures was very different. Something had to hold...     Read More

The Wheel and Axle

June 2, 2019
It should be fairly obvious to most people that the invention of the wheel is extremely important to transportation. Wit...     Read More